Merino Possum Knitwear Crafted in Aotearoa

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Men’s and Women’s Knitwear Lovingly Crafted in New Zealand

Superfine Merino wool, Possum fibre and silk fibre is uniquely Aotearoa. Our luxurious Possum Merino knitwear is designed, knitted and manufactured on site in Auckland, New Zealand. Crafted with the utmost care and attention, we draw our inspiration from New Zealand’s astonishing natural beauty.

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Reusable face masks with filters

Our reusable face masks are designed to be used in conjunction with HELIX.iso ™ Filter Media, an innovative natural wool filter that harnesses the unique properties of New Zealand wool. 

Created by Lanaco, the Helix™ Filter is the world’s most breathable, multi-functional air filter designed to capture harmful particulate matter.

Our Products

Gorgeous garments grown, designed and manufactured in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and creating our range of New Zealand inspired garments: luxury capes, wraps, shawls, scarves, cardigans, jerseys, jackets, hats, neck gaiters and accessories for both men and women. The Mountain Country range is all made from our 100% natural blend of Merino, Possum and Mulberry silk or pure Merino wool.



Feel the warmth from the wild side

Wear our Merino Possum garments and you’ll be doing yourself and the New Zealand environment a favour. Brushtail Possums, whose population has reached staggering proportions, are an introduced pest that is decimating our fragile flora and fauna. 

Merino Possum knitwear delivers unparalleled warmth and comfort. Possum fibre has unique hollow fibres that trap the air. Not only does this make it an incredibly effective insulator, Possum fibre is extraordinarily light, giving you a warm, easy-care, comfortable garment without the bulk.

Possum Merino yarn – uniquely New Zealand
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Knitwear for Women

Our Possum Merino women’s clothing range has styles for every season, shape or occasion. Whether you need a casual jumper or jacket, designer clothing, clothes for travel or a luxurious wrap, shawl or cape for those chilly evenings, we’ve got you covered. No pilling, no creases, less bulk and timeless, sophisticated design means your knitwear will look fabulous for years.

Men’s Clothing

Smooth, robust and made to last, The Mountain Country range of Possum and Merino wool knitwear is ideal for casual everyday wear, business or for more formal occasions. Our men’s knitwear range boasts skin-friendly softness, all-seasons breathability and easy-care durability in both contemporary styles and timeless classics. There’s something for every man: sweaters, jackets, cardigans and vests for work and for play.

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Possum Merino NZ Scarf


The wonderful blend of environmentally friendly Possum fibre combined with Merino and Mulberry silk is both amazing to wear and gives you the opportunity to help in our fight to preserve New Zealand’s fragile ecosystems. Delight in our luxury range of beanies, neck gaiters, scarves, capes, ponchos, throws and blankets.


Tried and tested in all conditions and all over the world, our Possum and Merino wool leisure and adventure wear looks great while still being high performance, practical gear for anyone working or playing in the outdoors. Exceptionally warm without the weight, durable and odour resistant, Possum fibre and Merino wool makes ideal clothing for hunting, tramping, hiking, skiing, getting out and about and travelling. 

Once you wear our Mountain Country Merino Possum knitwear, there’s no going back.

Nothing else will ever feel as warm or as soft. You’ll look good, feel great and by choosing to wear one of our luxury garments, you are choosing to be a part of New Zealand’s sustainability story.

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