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registered The luxury blend of superfine Merino wool, Possum fur and silk is a New Zealand speciality. Our high-end products are all designed, knitted and manufactured on site in Auckland and are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail from premium Possum, Merino wool and Mulberry silk yarns grown in New Zealand. 

We are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and to promote the incredible fibres this country has created.

We know you’ll look good and we are confident you will enjoy wearing our range of men’s and women’s knitwear lovingly crafted by New Zealand. Once you wear a Mountain Country Merino Possum garment, nothing else will ever feel as warm and soft.

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Fabulous and functional 

Our New Zealand way of life and love of the outdoors calls for warm, functional knitwear. We use our specific blend of 30% Possum, 60% Merino and 10% Mulbery silk, as well as pure Merino wool, to manufacture a range of leisure wear, such as luxury capes, wraps, shawls, scarves, cardigans, jerseys, classic crew or v-neck jumpers and jackets to adventure wear like beanies, neck gaiters, headbands and accessories for both men and women.

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Inspired by New Zealand

From the sparkling beaches and miles of coastline of the North, to the lush bush and forest of central New Zealand and the expansive stations and spectacular mountain ranges of the South Island, we draw inspiration from New Zealand’s breath-taking landscapes to make garments of incredible comfort and enduring quality. Our woollen and Possum Merino clothing and accessories are knitted on the best machines and perfectly hand finished.

Unparalleled comfort 

Possum Merino clothing is light to handle and incredibly soft, hugging the skin without itching or irritating. Merino Possum fibre one of the most lightweight natural fabrics in the world and has incredible insulating properties. The low-pill and anti-static qualities of Merino Possum also make it extremely resistant; after years of wear your much-loved Possum Merino clothing can still look as new as the day you first tried it on.

Do us all a favour

Brushtail Possums, whose population has reached staggering proportions, are an introduced pest that decimates our native flora and fauna. Wearing environmentally friendly Possum knitwear gives you the opportunity to help with our fight to preserve New Zealand’s fragile ecosystems. 

Brushtail Possums are a pest. A protected species in their native Australia, they have no natural predators here in New Zealand and have established themselves as our most voracious and intractable pest, attacking our beautiful forests and killing our unique wildlife.

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Environmentally sound solution

Every 24 hours, the seventy million Possums that ravage our bush consume a staggering 21,000 tonnes of leaves and flowers. Possums kill trees by defoliating them. They also eat fruit, eggs, birds, insects, and snails, driving much of our native bird life to the point of extinction.

The idea of blending Merino wool and Possum fibres was first developed in 1992. Possum Merino clothing was developed as a by-product of the Possum control program, making the Merino Possum blend an environmentally sound choice. 

Facts about Possum fibre:

  • Brushtail Possum fibre is hollow and has no scales, giving it both lightness and warmth. 
  • For its weight, Merino wool blended with Possum fibre is twice as warm as any other wool blend in the world.
  • The hollow nature of Possum fibre and super-fine Merino wool makes Possum Merino 14% lighter than wool.
  • Possum fibre will not freeze, even when exposed to periods of prolonged cold. The only other fibre on the planet known to have the same characteristic is polar bear fur.
  • Possum fibres are stretchy, giving them a resistance to breaking and, combined with Merino, the fabric will remain pill-free and anti-static. Your Merino Possum clothes can be worn for years and still look good as new.
  • Both Merino wool and Possum fibre wick moisture away from the body and release it into the air, keeping you dry and warm.
  • You’ll find you have to wash your Possum Merino clothing much less frequently; the Possum Merino blend moves moisture away from the skin and is naturally odour resistant.

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